Sentinel Watch

Every Monday, listen to a new episode of Sentinel Watch, a weekly podcast from the Christian Science Sentinel. Tune in to hear a question and answer on a timely topic or a report of healing in the words of the individual who experienced it.  Click HERE to listen to this week's episode. … [Read more...]

Focus Prayer Group & Fellowship Lunch

We hold a Fellowship Lunch on the 4th Sunday of each month (September to June) in our Sunday School at 11:30 am. Join us for the Focus Prayer Group where we pray for current world challenges. Members and adherents are welcome.  Be prepared to pray with a basic knowledge of Christian Science and its teachings.  If you have questions, and for dates & time & our Fellowship Lunch, please email Louise Perry or contact the church office at … [Read more...]

This woman never gave up

The year 2016 is the 150th anniversary of the discovery of Christian Science by Mary Baker Eddy.  Barbara Fife CSB from West Vancouver, will give a 30 minute talk about Mary Baker Eddy titled ``This woman never gave up`` in the church auditorium on Saturday, April 16th at 2:00 pm. Refreshments will follow. … [Read more...]

Our Healing Service!

How can thoughtful prayer benefit our lives?  Questions such as this are answered as people voluntarily tell of their healings, experiences, and inspiration.  Join us every Wednesday at 7:30 pm and find out!  Meetings also include singing, prayer, and brief readings from the Bible and Science and Health.  You can also listen to our service via your telephone!  Details on how to do this are found under the "About us" link. … [Read more...]

The Life of Mary Baker Eddy

Ingrid Peschke explains the life of Mary Baker Eddy: how she changed religious history and is a phenomenal woman of spiritual healing. … [Read more...]

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