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In response to the global pandemic, this is a new collection of five articles from the Christian Science periodicals. Timely and practical, this pamphlet shares valuable insights to comfort and spiritually uplift as you pray for yourself, your family and community, and the world. Available now in our Bookstore for $5.75 (no tax).  Contents: “Bringing Our Prayers to the Threat of Contagion”– Kevin Graunke “True Health’” – L. Ivimy … [Read more...]

New in the Bookstore!

This book retells each of Jesus’ and his followers’ healings from the Bible. It also contains historical information, definitions, and insights into Jesus’ ministry. A special section of recent healings attests to the vitality and relevance of Christ-healing today. An extensively revised and expanded edition of four previously published books: (Jesus’ Healings, parts 1–3, and New Testament Healings), it has been fully redesigned to be more … [Read more...]

New in the Bookstore!

What Christmas Means To Me and Other Christmas Messages This collection of writings shares Mary Baker Eddy’s Christmas inspiration through letters, articles, sermons, poetry, and messages to churches. Considered together with the account of Jesus’ birth from the Biblical gospels of Matthew and Luke, this inspiring collection highlights the spiritual power of Christmas to bring healing and light to humanity. Presented as a clothbound gift … [Read more...]

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Designed to fit into a pocket or purse, all of these pamphlets include classic articles and testimonies that show the way to gain a sense of well being through an awakened understanding of your relationship with God as His Son/Daughter. Everyone can be lifted out of what seems to be a hopeless situation- find out how.  In stock now in our Bookstore priced at $5.75 each.  … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving 2020 Bible Lessons

Monday, October 12th is Thanksgiving Day in Canada.  We have copies of the 2020 Thanksgiving Bible Lessons together with the Bible Lens available for purchase in our Bookstore $3.50 each. … [Read more...]

We have reopened!

WELCOME!  We are delighted to welcome customers & visitors back into the bookstore. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with some new rules for the safety and protection of our staff and your fellow visitors. Please use hand sanitizer or wash hands before browsing. Keep physical distance of 2 metres between yourself and other customers. We have lots of room in our space, so this won’t be difficult! Follow & respect the … [Read more...]

New in the Reading Room!

  Now available as an Audio CD!  Church Manual of The Mother Church by Mary Baker Eddy.  Available now in our Bookstore for $38 plus tax.  … [Read more...]

Bible Pronunciation Guide

A great resource to learn how to pronounce Bible names. This useful slim volume provides easy-to-read phonetic pronunciations of every proper name in the English Bible, as well as other biblical terms important for Bible study.  You can purchase this in our Bookstore $18.00 no tax. … [Read more...]

God Makes and Governs All

Dive into the power and reliability of God's divine plan for humanity. Do you think about elections either in your own country or in other parts of the world? Do you pray about good governance in the world, in your country, or in your workplace? Authors of these collected articles and testimonies of healing explore ways to prayerfully support elections and affirm the ever-presence of God and His harmonious government in all aspects of society.  … [Read more...]

New in the Reading Room!

Two new music CD's now available in our Bookstore at a cost of $20.00 each, plus tax.   LISTEN...for Thy voice.  This music CD from Andrew D. Brewis features original musical settings of treasured poems, including many from the Christian Science Hymnal.     EMBRACED.  Embrace the healing power of hymns with this music CD consisting of 21 beloved favourites from the Christian Science Hymnal. Included here are settings … [Read more...]

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