The Prodigal Son: A social media retelling!

Can the spoiled kid who made off with half of his father's money ever find redemption? In this parable by Jesus--presented social media style--the answer is "yes." … [Read more...]

Walking the walk

In this short video, Chet Manchester invites us to "Walking the walk: how to live the love Jesus taught." Download the Sermon on the Mount handout. … [Read more...]

Proof of God’s Healing Love! Preuve de la guérison amour de Dieu!

In French with English subtitles!  Hear Alex tell his story of a healing of a growth on his leg which made it difficult for him to walk. … [Read more...]

More Evidence of God’s Healing Love.

This is an inspiring story! Meet Patrick. He was biking in a triathlon. After being hit by a car, he thought he may never race again. He was completely healed through Christian Science. … [Read more...]

God’s Healing Love. Experiences told by our church family!

There have been dozens of testimonies of healing published in The Christian Science Journal and Christian Science Sentinel from our Victoria church family dating back to 1915.  This one by (Lieut. Col.) J.C. Franklin Hyndman was published in the January 14, 1961 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel.  Mr. Hyndman shares his experience of protection during army service in World War I, and a motor vehicle accident with his wife. You can read his … [Read more...]

Check out Chris’ story!

Meet Chris. He was hospitalized after a skiing accident. Due to Christian Science prayer, surgery wasn't needed. He was completely healed! … [Read more...]

Healing through prayer of a broken toe.

Christian Science practitioner and teacher, Michelle Nanouche, describes a healing through prayer of a broken toe. … [Read more...]

All my hope on God is founded;

Victoria church member Dean Wolfe, composed new music to this very old hymn & performed it during our Sunday service on September 15th.  It is Hymn 430 in the Christian Science Hymnal Supplement.  Words by Joachim Neander,  adapted by Robert Bridges and Fenella Bennetts. … [Read more...]

More evidence of God’s care.

Meet Rick. A growth appeared on his body, and so he decided to pray about it as he's done throughout his life studying Christian Science. Within days it completely disappeared. … [Read more...]

Heard ye the glad sound?

Communion Hymn as performed by local Victoria church member Dean Wolfe, on an Appalachian Dulcimer at our Communion service on Sunday, July 14.  Words by Mary Baker Eddy. … [Read more...]

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