Experiences of God’s healing love told by our church family

Since 1915, there have been over 85 testimonies of healing from our Victoria church family, that have been published in The Christian Science Journal or the Christian Science Sentinel.  This one from Florence E.R. Treggett tells of her healings from a spinal injury, heart attack and high blood pressure.  It is from the August 27, 1979 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel.  You can read Florence's testimony HERE. … [Read more...]

Vision Restored! Experiences of God’s healing love told by our church family.

There have been over 85 testimonies of healing published in The Christian Science Journal and Christian Science Sentinel from our Victoria church family dating back to 1915.  This one by Cecil Cranston, is from the June 2017 issue of The Christian Science Journal, and she shares her story of how her vision was restored!  You can read her story HERE. … [Read more...]

Monkey trap

    Monkey trap by Josh Niles, CSB, from Boise, Idaho. Let go of the trap!  Click below to listen how. http://dl.cdn.csps.com/bol/daily-lift/2017/daily-lift-170303-nilesj.mp3 … [Read more...]

Mary Baker Eddy: Her Life and Legacy

Mary Baker Eddy rose from obscurity to become one of the most prominent women of the late 19th century and early 20th century. As the discoverer and founder of Christian Science, her ideas and writings have had a profound influence in religion, healthcare, publishing, and journalism.  Click on the link below to learn more about her. … [Read more...]

Insist Vehemently

Dave Hohle a Christian Science practitioner and teacher from Chicago, shares his experience how prayer worked for him when his dog was attacked by a coyote. http://dl.cdn.csps.com/bol/daily-lift/2016/daily-lift-160414-hohled.mp3 … [Read more...]

“The secret place of the most High”

How do you wake to your sense of original innocence?  You can read or listen to these ideas Here.   … [Read more...]

Inspiring story of an inmate’s severe pain healed spiritually

Christian Science volunteer Chaplain Fran shares the inspiring story of an inmate she was working with who healed a serious problem of recurring pain using only what she learned by studying the Christian Science textbook: Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. … [Read more...]

Lives Lived – Meet Edwin and hear his story!

Meet Edwin. His physician prescribed a way to treat, but not cure, a muscular-skeletal condition he'd been diagnosed with. He met a Christian Science practitioner, and began to consider Christian Science as a viable way to treat the condition. This approach healed him. … [Read more...]

The Prodigal Son: A social media retelling!

Can the spoiled kid who made off with half of his father's money ever find redemption? In this parable by Jesus--presented social media style--the answer is "yes." … [Read more...]

Walking the walk

In this short video, Chet Manchester invites us to "Walking the walk: how to live the love Jesus taught." Download the Sermon on the Mount handout. … [Read more...]

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