Prayer & Health

Help when you need it.  Praying in response to the pandemic, racial inequality, and for world peace.  Free articles, podcasts, music, video clips, and more.  Find your own inspiration and ideas to share HERE.


Christian Science practitioners

Christian Science practitioners are available to talk with and help anyone, anywhere, anytime, through prayer. A list of practitioners worldwide, with contact information, is published each month in The Christian Science Journal, or you can search online to find a Christian Science practitioner here.

Christian Science nurses

Christian Science nurses help individuals who need skillful physical assistance, while relying on Christian Science for healing. You can find more about Christian Science Nursing in Canada here.

Wayside HouseWayside House

Wayside House is a private Christian Science nursing facility in Victoria, offering Christian Science nursing care services and spiritual renewal retreat facilities.  Wayside House has been serving the Christian Science community in Victoria and beyond since 1931, and is accredited by The Commission for Accreditation of Christian Science Nursing Organizations/Facilities Inc.


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